Agency Doctors

Recent press coverage has focused on the spiralling costs of agency doctors and concerns over agency margins. A high-profile investigation by Sky News in Spring 2015, found one NHS Trust was forced to pay £3,257 for an agency doctor to work a shift of 12 hours and remain on call for 12 hours between Christmas and New Year. The same report revealed that agency doctors were being charged out at up to £3,200 per shift, with £100 of this going on agency fees.

Whilst most industry experts and journalists recognise that there is, and will almost always be, a need to shore up permanent medic numbers with agency doctors, the cost of this solution attracts much negative attention. Following comments from Lord Hunt calling for a measure to cap agency costs we are uniquely positioned to support the delivery of the national agenda on managing agency spend.

Reduce Costs of Agency Doctors

Partnering with de Poel health+care helps cut the costs of hiring agency doctors by up to 20%. We help our clients to optimise their relationships with recruitment agencies, continuously adding value, reducing costs and improving standards. This is achieved by de Poel health+care sitting between the hiring client and the supplying healthcare agency, as a neutral intermediary that implements set terms and conditions which govern both the charge rates and quality of agency doctors supplied.

de Poel uses our market knowledge to work with your existing recruitment partners to implement standard charge rates for agency doctors, thus avoiding ‘super-premium’ rates. We can also introduce you to additional vetted and audited recruitment suppliers to ensure you receive the volumes of agency doctors required to meet any and every hiring need.