Agency Locums

Conduct a Google search on the term “agency locums” and for tens and tens of pages, the results returned will be recruitment firms of all shapes and sizes, across the UK, who specialise in the provision of agency locums.

With such a huge range of choice of partners available for private and public sector healthcare organisations, you might expect the recruitment of agency locums to be a straightforward process, however, the opposite is often true precisely because there is such a huge choice of potential recruitment partners, with different charge-rate models and differing standards of service for the provision of agency locums.

This has led to rising agency bills with calls from Health Secretary, Lord Hunt to cap these and de Poel health+care is uniquely positioned to support exactly this national agenda on managing agency spend.

Agency Locum Management

de Poel health+care offers a neutral managed vendor service. We sit in between client organisations and their healthcare agencies to ensure that all agencies supplying agency locums operate to the same terms and conditions around quality and price. As we have no affiliation to any recruitment agency (either in our own group of companies, or out in the wider marketplace) we are able to operate with total neutrality.

This independent approach to recruitment agency relationships has a number of benefits for clients partnering with de Poel health+care – particularly around the margin charged for agency locums. Our extensive experience in the marketplace enables us to set a fair and transparent margin for agency locums supplied, and to ensure that these margins are adhered to. This set standard can typically save clients up to 20% on their usual agency locum recruitment costs.

We also take on the responsibility for ensuring clients’ healthcare agencies are carefully audited. The provision of agency locums is a highly regulated sector and breach of these regulations can leave both client organisations and the end-user patient in an extremely vulnerable position. de Poel health+care sets minimum Service Level Agreements and rigorous audit processes to ensure agency locums supplied, including agency nurses and agency doctors, are compliant.