In the last five years, employment legislation has gathered pace, with a number of significant changes to the employment landscape. Major pieces of legislation have included the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), Pensions auto-enrolment and the Offshore Intermediaries Legislation.

This has increased both the regulatory environment for hiring organisations and recruitment agencies and the risk factor should they be in breach. For example the fine for ignoring auto enrolment could include fixed fines of £400, or up to £50,000.

When organisations hire a significant number of temporary staff members, keeping track of the various timeframes when they fall into or under AWR, OIL and Pensions auto-enrolment can be extremely challenging. This is particularly the case when temporary workers flex in and out of the business throughout the year on a series of short-term assignments followed by longer breaks where they may work elsewhere or not at all.

Partnering with de Poel health+care to manage your temporary recruitment helps ensure you have visibility of your temporary workforce through our unique e-tips® solution, which provides automation, control and visibility of each and every temporary worker’s journey through your organisation.