NHS Recruitment

Demand on the NHS has never been heavier. Every 36 hours the NHS deals with over 1million patients with 32% more admissions than there were a decade ago. As a consequence wards and key services remain stretched despite the NHS recruiting an additional 61,000 health and social workers in the last few years (Source).

Reliance on ‘just in time’ temporary talent to man short notice shifts and ongoing requirements is a vital solution to NHS need, yet this high volume, last minute temporary recruitment brings additional challenges.

Ensuring NHS trusts recruit the temporary staff they need within cost effective budgets to meet in and out-patient care is a serious responsibility and one which partnering with de Poel health+care delivers.

de Poel health+care helps the NHS recruit high calibre temporary workers effectively and efficiently in a compliant and cost effective way. de Poel health+care sits as a neutral vendor between NHS organisations and their recruitment agencies ensuring agencies charge a fair and set margin for supplying compliant temporary staff which results in a typical saving of between 3% and 12% on recruitment costs. de Poel health+care also carefully audits agencies to ensure that each and every NHS recruitment supply chain we are responsible for meets the checks necessary for the provision of candidates to the NHS.

The recent publicised court case involving significant fraud to the NHS via phantom recruitment agency fees demonstrates the need to take a robust approach to visibility and control in the NHS’s recruitment supply chain. In this particular case the head of national recruitment at NHS Professionals Ltd pleaded guilty of defrauding the NHS out of over £130,000 by using a company run by family members to falsify recruitment invoices.

At de Poel health+care we keep our clients in the NHS protected through rigorous recruitment audits in order to ensure all is as it should be in the supply chain, both in terms of compliance and financial proprietary, whilst delivering efficient quality recruitment at significant cost savings.

Current clients we manage recruitment for include: Bupa, Shaw Healthcare, Four Seasons Health Care, Avante, Turning Point, Scope and Ramsay Health care.

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